From Lake O' to NATO

These are some of the most important headlines for July 13th.

First up, from the Palm Beach Post, No alternative: Lake O water to be released despite harmful algae. My take, think about this for a moment. We have "no alternative" but to manipulate nature. The more you think about it, the more you realize that this is quite literally a manufactured crisis.  

This one from USA Today, Trump: A President I Didn't Want, But Now I Know We Need Gary Varvel. My take, that's likely true by millions that have come to that realization. In one-year President Trump achieved more success on behalf of the American taxpayer in NATO than 24 years of Clinton, Bush and Obama.

The third one comes from Shermichael Singleton at The Hill, Liberal Politics Have Not Helped Black America. M take, President Trump's politics have record low unemployment, rising wages and declining need for government assistance. 

Next, NATO Is Sick--Trump Is the Best Doctor It's Likely to Get Paul BonicelliThe Federalist. My take, it is pretty sick when you literally steal from your strongest ally's taxpayers. Which is what 19 of the 24 NATO countries had been doing for decades to us. 

Lastly, Kavanaugh Must Answer the Abortion Question Corey BrettschneiderNew York Times. My take, I'm totally onboard with this idea provided that pro-abortionists finally decide that all girls/women are educated about what an abortion is and what will happen based on how far along they are. Why wouldn't you want transparency for those considering an abortion and an informed person making the decision? Why have you fought so hard over the years to keep that information from girls/women prior to an abortion?  

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