Miami Major League Soccer Stadium Decision Expected

City of Miami commissioners are gearing up to decide whether or not to allow voters to determine if a massive Major League Soccer stadium will be built in town.

Commissioners could end up letting voters, in November, decide on a change to city law that would pave the way for the David Beckham group to build a stadium and soccer complex on land that is currently occupied by the Melreese Golf Course.

Two commissioners appear to be ready to let voters decide on the construction of the stadium. Two other commissioners appear ready to vote no. At least one commissioner appears to be undecided.

There is a possibility that commissioners will defer the question to a later meeting.

Opposers argue that the golf course provides important programs for the community and is a home away from home for thousands of children -- including some with special needs.

The Beckham group will give their official pitch during the commission meeting. Beckham has amped up his visibility in Miami this week with appearances at fan events and Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Miami commissioners will be voting on whether to put on the November ballot a question of whether to proceed with the project. The actual ballot language asks voters whether they will amend the city charter to allow Miami to negotiate a lease for the soccer complex.

The charter would need to change because negotiations for businesses on public land currently must go first to a public bid, and the Beckham plan would be a no-bid deal. The ballot question voters will see does not explain the no-bid process.

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