First Salmonella Egg-Related Lawsuit Filed In Florida

A Fort Lauderdale attorney and a Texas lawyer who specializes in food poisoning cases have filed what may be the first lawsuit in the salmonella outbreak linked to eggs.  

The plaintiff is Judy Roberts, a 70-year-old diabetic woman from the north Florida town of Perry, who says she ate the contaminated eggs.

Roberts then experienced symptoms including vomiting, severe diarrhea, and fever, until she could no longer lift herself out of bed. A doctor eventually diagnosed her with salmonella.  

That woman had to spend seven days in the hospital.  

Defendants in the lawsuit filed in Miami federal court include Rose Acre Farms and the Save-a-Lot supermarket chain.

Roberts is one of 35 people in nine states who were infected with the outbreak strain of salmonella that was linked back to a Rose Acre Farms egg facility in Hyde County, N.C. Eleven of those cases resulted in hospitalizations. No deaths have been reported thus far.


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