Union To Release Confidence Vote Concerning BSO Sheriff Scott Israel

A union representing a portion of the Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies will release the results of a vote they conducted on whether their members have confidence in their boss, Sheriff Scott Israel. 

The International Union of Police Association took a vote of their members between Sunday and Wednesday. The survey asked each of the 1,300 deputies they represent whether they still have confidence in Sheriff Scott Israel’s ability to remain in charge.

Because Israel is an elected official, the vote is mostly symbolic. Depending on the outcome though, it could force state officials to consider possible actions against the two-term sheriff.

Israel faced major backlash on the handling of the school shooting inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on February 14th.

IUPA officials are also upset at Israel’s appearance on a nationally televised town hall meeting days after the shooting – as well as his condemning former deputy Scot Peterson, the MSD school resource officer who was seen on camera not entering the school in the moments following Nikolas Cruz opening fire.

On the other hand, Earlier this week, the Federation of Public Employees, which represents nearly half of BSO’s almost 5,300 members – sent a letter to the sheriff thanking him and reiterating support for him. 

A local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police also sent Israel a letter this weekend issuing their support for him as well.

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