AWKWARD! FL Man Tells Police To Watch Dashcam Vid... It Shows Him Stealing

A Palm Beach County man ended up in jail after giving authorities approval to watch dashcam video to prove his innocence... but it ended up showing a bit more than he intended. 

The Palm Beach Post reports that 25-year-old Xavier Moran was involved in an April 5th crash on April 5th. 

After the fact, he allegedly told a sheriff's deputy he had been cut off by another driver and could prove it with his dashboard camera. He then signed a consent waiver that allowed officers to search the camera. 

When the Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy reviewed the footage, not only did it show the accident, but it also showed Moran burglarizing a local beauty store. 

Authorities say the video showed Moran taking a baseball bat from the trunk and someone using the bat to break the glass door to the store. 

He was arrested Tuesday on burglary charges. 

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