First-Ever, Luxury Space Hotel Set To Launch (Literally) In 2021

Thick-pocketed space enthusiasts will be able to visit a new, orbital destination in the next few years, thanks to a company that is planning to builda luxury hotel for space tourists!

A startup called Orion Span is hoping to launch a space hotel called Aurora Station in 2021.  

The CEO of Orion Span unveiled the idea at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose on Thursday. 

Affordability is relatively out of the question for most of us. 

12-day stay aboard will start at $9.5 million. Still, that's quite a bit less than orbital tourists have paid in the past. From 2001 through 2009, seven private citizens took a total of eight trips to the International Space Station, paying an estimated $20 million to $40 million each time. 

The new space hotel will be made in Houston, and will be about the size of a private jet.

If you've got $80,000 to spare, you can put a (refundable) deposit down on an Aurora Station stay beginning Friday. 

Folks who fly up will undergo a three-month training program. To learn more, go to

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