Fishermen Rescued Offshore Near Government Cut, Officials Say

Two fishermen had to be rescued early Wednesday after authorities say their boat capsized 2 miles offshore near Government Cut.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said the fishermen were taken out to sea by the current, but their anchor kept them stationary until good Samaritans on another fishing boat picked them up and called for help.

The two men were transferred onto a fireboat, and personnel assessed both men. They were deemed to be in good standing. 

The fishermen were then taken back to shore.

Officials with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue remind boaters to:

  • Check boating advisories and warnings before heading out.
  • Ensure that all communications devices are properly working.
  • Complete a float plan prior to heading out and leave it with a reliable person who can notify a rescue agency should you not return or check in as planned.

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