Students Are Back In SoFla, But Say Gun Law Fight Is Far From Over

Students across South Florida are returning home after a weekend of March For Our Lives rallies throughout the country.

Stoneman Douglas students stood side by side with students from all around the country while calling on a change in gun laws. 

Students from North Miami Senior High and Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High, arrived in North Miami Monday morning after a long trip back from D.C.

Hundreds of students and some Stoneman Douglas alumni are also returning home to South Florida Monday. Some traveled to Washington D.C. by plane, others by bus, all wanting to witness history and take part in the March For Our Lives.

They say the weekend’s rallies were just the beginning, according to a report by 7News. “We’re going to start really, like, pressing our local legislators more,” said MSD student Ashley Santoro. “We’re going to start calling their offices. We’re gonna go more to the governor’s office. We’re gonna go up to the state legislation.”

Other students and alumni plan to turn their attention to midterm elections and making their calls for gun reform heard loud at the ballot box.

A group of MSD students is now looking to rally support on Twitter to keep the fight for gun control going. They are looking to host a series of town hall meetings with lawmakers starting later this Spring.

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