Miami Beach Officers Rescue Woman Trapped Under Bed For Nearly A Week

Authorities in Miami Beach rescued an 89-year-old woman who fell on the floor of her Miami Beach home and remained there for several days.

Residents concerned about their neighbor, Violeta Pilgrim, called police for help. Little did they know she was trapped under her bed and had been there for six days.


“A concerned individual hasn’t heard from his friend, someone who he treats as his mother in over five days,” said Miami Beach Police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez. “He’s concerned. He calls police. We arrive.”

Body cam video captured the scene near Second Street and Collins Avenue when one of the officers tried to make contact with the woman.

They started banging on windows from the outside of the home. That’s when they saw the woman on the floor. One of the officers pulled the screen from the window and rescued Pilgrim.

Pilgrim had fallen six days ago and remained there, with no food or water, hoping someone would help her.

Pilgrim has since been hospitalized and is recovering.

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