Sandy Hook Non-Profit Presents Miami-Dade With Anti-Violence Effort Award

A non-profit organization created after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting tragedy in Connecticut has presented Miami-Dade Public Schools with an award.

Sandy Hook Promise is led by family members whose loved ones were killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. The non-profit empathized with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting on Feb. 14 in Parkland and decided to present Miami-Dade Schools with an award.

The award is for Miami-Dade Public Schools’ efforts to teach students how to recognize warning signs before violence happens.

“After we saw what happened with the students at Parkland — after that shooting these kids have powerful voice,” said Sandy Hook Promise board member Bill Sherlach. 

“They really do and they look for it immediately because this is their world.”

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