Florida Man Shoots Himself In Leg To Prove Love For Ex-Girlfriend

How does one prove his love for a woman? Well, for starters, the answer probably isn't by shooting himself in the leg... unless he's Ivan.

Ivan Filgueira, 26, and his girlfriend broke up in January after he cheated on her with another woman.

Since then, Filgueira has reportedly been trying to get her back, going so far as to show up at her Florida City workplace... begging and crying.

Filgueira called the woman earlier this month to say he was going to shoot himself in the thigh to prove his love for her, adding he knew he could hit an artery and may bleed out.

After his comment, the ex said she heard a gunshot and Filgueira screaming that he needed a paramedic.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Filgueria with a gunshot wound to his left thigh sitting in the passenger's seat of a silver Lexus driven by an unknown person.

Filgueira was ultimately airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. Following surgery, he was kept in the hospital under the Baker Act.

As police found multiple firearms and ammunition inside his home, Filgueira was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon immediately after being discharged Wednesday.

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