Man Arrested For Stealing Victim's SUV After Fatal Crash

A man has been charged with killing a father and son during a highway crash in Miami — and then stealing one of the victim's cars to get away.

Earl Lewis was booked into a Miami-Dade County jail early Sunday, more than a month after 57-year-old Jose Eduardo Cepeda Luna and his 34-year-old son Cesar Eduardo Cepeda were killed.

Cepeda allegedly called his father for help Feb. 9 after crashing into a guardrail. After the father arrived, authorities say Lewis ran into the two men with his 2014 Camaro then stole Luna's SUV.

Luna's SUV was found abandoned in Homestead and investigators matched DNA in the vehicle to 32-year-old Lewis, who was arrested in 2009 for attempted murder. That charge was later dropped.

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