Authorities: Woman Bites Deputy After Breaking Free From Handcuffs

A Florida woman is accused of slipping out of her handcuffs and biting a deputy on the leg.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies were arresting 19-year-old Alexander Roque for grand theft earlier this week. But as they tried to handcuff him, authorities say Ellen Pride tried to reach her hand in his pocket. It's unclear what their relationship is or what she was looking for.

Pride allegedly became combative, prompting authorities to handcuff her.

But Pride allegedly wasn't having it. Officials say she wriggled out of her handcuffs and bit the deputy through his uniform pants breaking the skin.

Deputies say Roque was placed in leg shackles and kicked the door of the patrol car so hard that it bowed away from the frame. He also allegedly threatened to fight and kill the officers.

Both Roque and Pride now face charges of resisting officers with violence and battery on law enforcement officers.

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