Volunteers Celebrate Women Outside Of Miramar ICE Office

A group of female immigrants are being singled out Thursday at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Miramar.

On this International Women's Day, immigrant women are being honored.

Pedro Arrupe Jesuit Institute's Silvia Munoz tells WIOD that each and every day, women who are pregnant and carrying children are forced to join hundreds as they stand outside in the heat for hours with no access to bathrooms -- all so that they may check in with the federal government.

Munoz says with DACA and TPS expiring for thousands, it's an especially difficult time for these women who are fighting to legally stay in this country.

Along with waving signs demanding immigrant rights and just treatment for women, volunteers on Thursday are handing out water, coffee, snacks and offering women in need a place in the shade to sit. 

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