BSO Releases Report Detailing Nikolas Cruz's Time In Solitary Confinement

The Broward Sheriff's Office has released a report detailing suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s time in jail.

BSO released the report, Tuesday, to outline how Cruz is spending his days in solitary confinement at the Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale.

The report states Cruz is “isolated from other inmates.”

Cruz is “Clean shaven. Hair groomed. No eye contact given during interaction. Often sits with a blank stare, appears to be in thought," according to the report.

The report also mentions that Cruz is “cooperative” and “logical and coherent.”

On Feb. 23, Cruz “appeared to break out in laughter both during and immediately following his professional visit,” the report said. The report did not indicate who Cruz met with.

According to the report, Cruz has had a “family visit,” although it remains unknown who the visiting family member was.

One night, Cruz “requested to read a Bible,” the report said.

On Tuesday, a grand jury met in Broward County to formally charge Cruz with the 17 murders of the victims killed in the shooting.

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