Apparently, Animals Were Actually Never Stolen From Wildlife Sanctuary

WIOD originally reported that dozens of animals, including lemurs, tamarins, marmosets and a capuchin, were stolen from a wildlife sanctuary in Miami-Dade. But now, according to the MDPD, that's not true.

Instead, officers with the Miami-Dade Police Department arrested 41-year-old Josue Santiago for allegedly filing a false police report.

Authorities say Santiago made up that a burglary occurred at the We Care Wildlife Sanctuary, stating exotic animals valued at $53,4000 were stolen.

Santiago allegedly staged a burglary to the sanctuary.

"As investigators continued to follow all leads, they determined that the sanctuary had several exotic animals previously removed by authorities," MDPD said in a statement. "To avoid further sanction for the remaining animals, Santiago gathered seven lemurs, three red-handed tamarins, five marmosets, one cotton-top tamarin and one white-faced capuchin, and drove the animals to North Carolina."

Santiago faces charges for allegedly filing a false police report and providing false information.

Authorities say the animals are safe and being cared for in North Carolina. It was initially reported that the theft of the animals came from a false claim in a post on Craigslist that the sanctuary was going out of business and giving up its exotic animals.

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