Safety Is #1 Priority At Miami's Ultra Music Festival, Officers Say

March is Ultra Music Festival month in Miami, and organizers are working on plans to ensure the event is a safe one.

“We’re always concerned. Safety and security is our primary mission,” said Ultra Chief of Security Ray Martinez, according to a report by 7News. “Fortunately, Miami Police Department is a premiere law enforcement, and they put together some tactics and plans to guard against that and try to prevent anything from happening.

“First thing is, if you see something, say something,” said Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz. “Anybody in these buildings, anything suspicious, remember, call 911. You’re gonna have plenty of uniformed officers out here. We did add some resources — we never get into numbers of how many — but you can rest assured that we are going to have plenty of uniformed personnel, whether it be in the water, aerial, we have our SWAT team on standby as well, and again, we always have undercover officers for the safety and the security for everyone.”

Cruz added that the public’s help is paramount in keeping the event safe.

“One message that we always like to get across is that we need everybody’s help,” Cruz added.

Ultra will take place from March 23 to 25.

For more information on the festival, click here.

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