Video: ARM Exposes Abuse At Central Florida Egg Farm

The Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is at it again, and on Tuesday, they released footage of factory farm animal abuse at the Cal-Maine Egg Farm in Lake Wales, Florida. Cal-Maine is a public company and is the largest producer and marketer of shell eggs in the United States.

During an undercover operation at Cal-Marine, investigators captured disturbing footage of battery caged hens. ARM says the hens at Cal-Marine are overcrowded in cages and trampled and strangled to death after becoming wedged in those cages. 

Footage obtained by ARM’s Investigator, exposes the most living conditions and inhumane treatment subjected to laying hens in the egg production industry. 

Following it’s investigation, ARM bought forward evidence to law enforcement agents. As a result, a Cal-Maine manager, known as Matthew, has since been charged with animal cruelty, including excessive and inhumane beating upon animals under his supervision.

The Cal-Maine investigation is a part of ARM’s newly developed factory farming division  in it’s efforts to expose crimes against animals in factory settings  and to raise awareness to society who are purchasing these products, unaware of the abuse.

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