Video - This Rescue Pup Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

A yellow Labrador retriever named Frida has gained an international social media following as a symbol of hope following the recent earthquake in Mexico. 

At least 344 people died in the Sept. 19 quake. 

In the days following, rescuers dug into huge mounds of debris and selfless volunteers threw themselves into work as needed around the city. 

But no individual captured the hearts of Mexicans and those watching the efforts quite like Frida.

Clad in goggles and booties, the rescue pup became a symbol of hope.

"[Frida] let us feel like there was hope and that there were things that could help us," said Fatima Laborda, a psychoanalyst and director of Casa Grana, a psychological assistance and research organization, according to a report by NBC6.

Over the course of a six-year career, 8-year-old Frida has found 41 bodies and 12 people during times of tragedy. 

She has worked quake disasters abroad as well, including in 2010 in Haiti and 2016 in Ecuador.

But Friday only rose to fame following Mexico's most recent disaster when the Mexican navy — Frida's employer — released a video of her at work on its Twitter account.

Officials say Frida's retirement is not in sight yet, and that the pup will continue to serve. 

Whenever her retirement does come, she will be put up for adoption to navy personnel.

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