Tracking Trump: The President's Approval Rating For Sept. 29

It's time for a temperature check in regard to the public's opinion of President Donald Tump. 

Here's this week's high point, low point and current ratings: 

  • Trump's lowest ratings: 

    • 36.8 percent approval 

    • 58.6 percent disapproval 

    • Total: -21.8 percent (8/4/17)   

  • Trump highest approval ratings:

    • Average 45.2 percent approval 

    • 43 percent disapproval 

    • Total: +2.2 percent (1/27/17)      

  • Trump's current ratings: 

    • 39 percent approval 

    • 55.6 percent disapproval

    • Total: -16.6 percent  

We've seen a lot of volatility in the President's approval rating over the past week. 

Unfortunately for him, it's been negative volatility. The President's average approval rating is off 5.4 percent this week.  

On Wednesday, I highlighted three events that might have pointed to the rough week for the President's approval. Those three...

  • The Alabama loss of Luther Strange to Roy Moore
  • The NFL controversy (even though public opinion generally sides with the President's position, many didn't approve his comments) 
  • The failure to pass healthcare reform once again

Going forward there's room for some optimism. 

The second most important issue to the average American, tax reform, has been rolled out and has a legit chance of passing and making a difference for most Americans. 

That could go a long way politically if it happens. 

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