Florida Pup Back Home After Surviving Hurricane Irma, 33 Days On Her Own

A 14-month-old pup is safe and sound in her new Florida home after surviving Hurricane Irma, numerous thunderstorms, heat and 33 days on her own.

If Devlyn could talk, her owners — Robin and Dave Saltman of Ponte Vedra Beach — say she'd tell quite a story.

Source: Jacksonville.com

The Saltmans bought Devlyn in August. On the 11th of that month, she was running around outside and escaped from their fenced-in yard. 

With help from daughter Kari Saltman Keene, they sought help though social media.

Sightings of Devlyn soon started coming in. 

On Day 13, she was spotted 12 miles away, but she ran off. 

Then Hurricane Irma hit.

Devlyn was caught two days later.

Source: Jacksonville.com

Now safe, Devlyn has a new leash with GPS tracking capability.

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