WATCH: 3,800 Gang Members Charged In Major Crime Operation

More than 3,800 MS-13 and 18th Street gang members have been charged as criminals. 

Officials from the United States, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras announced the charges together, related to what is know as "Operation Regional Shield".

Friday afternoon, Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco spoke on the matter at the Florida International University campus. 

The charges come on the 6-month anniversary of the commitment to combat transnational organized crime initiated in March by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, together with the Attorneys General of the three Central American countries.

Authorities seized six firearms and charged over 70 individuals in the U.S. and 284 gang members in Guatemala; seized 14 businesses and 11 luxury vehicles and arrested 12 MS-13 money launderers in Honduras; and filed 3,477 criminal charges, resulting in more than 1,400 arrests in El Salvador.

“MS-13 is one of the most violent and ruthless gangs in America today, endangering communities in more than 40 states. But under President Trump’s strong leadership, the Department of Justice is taking them off our streets,” Attorney General Sessions said. 

“Today, we are announcing that our partnership with law enforcement in Central America, has yielded charges against more than 3,800 gang members just in the last six months... We will continue to maintain this steadfast policy and dismantle this gang."

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