Local Blood Center Shipping Blood To Those In Need Post-Hurricane Maria

A blood center serving Florida and much of the southeast is also lending its services in Puerto Rico! 

OneBlood has sent several shipments of blood to the island, post-Hurricane Maria, and plans to send more in the coming days and weeks. 

The not-for-profit organization says widespread destruction, flooding, power outages and the displacement of millions of people are making blood collections in Puerto Rico extremely difficult. 

As a result, hospitals there are in need of help from the mainland to help ensure a ready blood supply for their patients.

OneBlood has been working in partnership with the American Red Cross, the Blood Centers of America and America’s Blood Centers to coordinate the shipments to Puerto Rican hospitals.

To ensure a ready blood supply locally and to be able to assist elsewhere OneBlood encourages all eligible donors to make blood donation a regular part of their lives. Click here to learn more and to donate.

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