Tuesday Was A Bad Day For President Trump...

Objectively, Tuesday was a bad day for causes perpetuated by President Trump. 

The news came from both ends of the political spectrum. 

The first bit of bad news... 

...for the President's causes, most importantly the future of our healthcare, occurred when more than enough GOP opposition to the latest senate healthcare proposal left it essentially dead. 

And while not terribly surprising, it continues to demonstrate that President Trump hasn't found a way to successfully persuade senators the policy issue identified as 'most important' by voters.  

The second semi-defeat...

...for the President came in the form of the final NFL ratings for the weekend. 

While it first appeared as though there'd be a third consecutive weekend of ratings declines (following the 8 percent decline last year), Monday Night Football's ratings were up enough to lead to a 3 percent increase year over year. 

Through the weekend, ratings were off another 4 percent for games, but a 64 percent increase in Monday Night Football ratings lead to an overall increase for the week. 

Ratings are off 10 percent through the first three weeks this year, and while it remains to be seen what happens going forward (were some people tuning in just to see what might happen on the field given all of the controversy or will the NFL be posting gains from here?), the fallout for the President was immediate given his tweets about ratings declines by critics.  

The third loss... 

...by the President was his chosen candidate to replace Jeff Sessions in the Alabama primary. The president put a lot of energy and arguably political capital into Luther Strange's candidacy - only to have Alabama's Republicans to opt instead for Roy Moore,

So what's changing? Possibly the dynamic notion that the President always wins. 

Until recently, critics and even many of the President's supporters would question why he'd do or say something they deemed inappropriate and the argument could be made that it'd didn't matter because he always came out on top. 

These are indications that may not always be the case. 

There's a great deal of political adversity facing the President. That's not news. 

What happens from here though will be critical to see if these events are outliers or predictive of something more significant. 

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