Suspect In Florida "Killer Clown" Murder Arrested 27-Years Later

A suspect in a 27-year-old Clown Murderer cold case from Palm Beach County has been arrested.

Sheila Keen Warren, 54, a former suspect in the original case, was arrested Tuesday in Washington County, Virgina, without incident.

Sheila Keen Warren

Marlene Warren was killed at her home in Wellington, Florida, in 1990, after a murderous clown showed up on her doorstep. 

Reports show that the clown, now identified as Keen Warren, knocked on 40-year-old Marlene Warren's door, offering her a flower arrangement and balloons. The clown then gunned her down, shot her in the face and left.

Marlene Warren

Sheila Keen Warren was named a suspect in the original investigation, but authorities did not have enough evidence to make any charges throughout the original investigation. 

The case was re-opened in 2014 with additional DNA evidence. 

Sources also say that Keen Warren later married Marlene's widower, Michael Warren, in 2002. 

The couple has been operating a restaurant in the Tennessee area.

Police have not said whether Michael Warren was involved in his former wife's death.

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