Report: University Of Miami Linked To FBI Corruption Probe

At least three top high school basketball players were promised payments of as much as $150,000 to attend two colleges sponsored by Adidas, according to officials.

Criminal complaints that have been filed with the court didn't name the schools, but contained details that identified them as the University of Louisville and the University of Miami. 

Investigators said some coaches at those schools encouraged those payments. No one from either of the schools has been charged at this time.

On Tuesday, the FBI arrested 10 people, including a top Adidas exec, on charges that the company illegally funneled cash to high-school athletes in exchange for pledges to attend Adidas-sponsored universities. 

As mentioned above, the University of Miami isn't named in the complaint, but details strongly suggest the feds have tied the school to recruits who took payouts from the sportswear company.

Federal prosecutors have announced charges of fraud and corruption in college hoops against four assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Auburn, Southern Calif and Oklahoma State.

UM declined to confirm or deny whether the school was involved in the federal probe, but said they would cooperate with authorities if asked.

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