It's Puppy Love: Our Pets Really DO Love Us

Sometimes Hump Day can be "ruff" -- you're halfway through the week... but still halfway until the weekend. So, to spice up your Wednesday drag, here's a little feel-good research for ya:

Your dog not only loves you. He potentially loves you even more than food!  

Emory University just completed a first-of-its-kind study to prove a dog's true devotion to its owner. 

Ninety dogs were part of a multi-month study, which looked at a dog's brain activity to measure the responses to praise and food over an extended period of time. 

As it turned out, at a minimum, the reaction to the food and the praise was at least always equal. 

Twenty-percent of the dogs actually responded more favorably to the praise than the food (hot dogs were used during the research, btw).  

The test also found that dog's brains are wired to recognize faces -- meaning, yes, Fido DOES actually know who you are. 

While the test was conducted specifically on dogs, based on the brain composition of other animals, the same may very well be true of other animals as well.  

As it turns out, those puppy kisses aren't just a ploy to get more milk bones. So give fluffy an extra hug today!

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