Broward, Palm Beach Counties Move Forward With Medical Weed Dispensaries

Officials in both Broward and Palm Beach counties are moving to allow marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas. 

The Broward County Commission is crafting an ordinance to regulate and zone medicinal pot shops.  

Commissioners said Tuesday they aren’t going to question the overwhelming amount of voters who approved the state’s medical marijuana referendum in November (by a 71 percent margin). 

Since the vote, the state has given local governments two choices: 

  1. Ban dispensaries where people would go to get medical marijuana scripts filled
  2. Treat the dispensaries like any other pharmacy

A resurrected ordinance would permit dispensaries in the parts of the county that aren’t in a city.

The Palm Beach County Commission is voting Thursday on a similar measure.  

That vote will determine whether or not dispensaries will be erected in PBC's unincorporated areas. 

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