Today's Top Wedding Songs: Does Your Favorite Make The Cut?

If you’re in the midst of putting together a wedding playlist, it's safe to say the music selection options are endless. But if you’d like to know what others across the country are picking, help has arrived.

The Washington Post took a look at a Spotify playlist of popular wedding songs across the country and found that Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" is today's top tune for taking vows.

Along with Ed, the tracks played most frequently on wedding playlists throughout the country include: 

Ed Sheeran also tops the list of number of songs in the top 1,000 most popular wedding songs. He ties the late Michael Jackson -- each with 13 total tracks in the top 1,000. 

Jackson's wedding popularity is  fueled by six on the top quarter of that list: 

But this count doesn’t even give MJ his full due, because The Washington Post grouped by band or artist name. If they also included his Jackson 5 hits, then “I Want You Back” (40th) and “ABC” (94th) would add to Jackson’s total.

As for the top first dance songs? 

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