President Trump To Visit Hurricane Battered Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello says he's spoken "as recently as last night" to President Donald Trump about the crisis Hurricane Maria caused on the island. 

Roselle says he's "confident the president understands the magnitude of the situation."

Speaking to reporters Tuesday in San Juan, Rossello said "the president has offered a waiver on matching funds" for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which means the cash-strapped island won't have to contribute to the initial costs of this federal help.

Rossello said he'd be speaking with Trump later today to discuss "a long-term recovery package for Puerto Rico to be presented to Congress," apparently next week.

At the White House Tuesday, President Trump said he planned to visit Puerto Rico next Tuesday, and might also visit the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

"Puerto Rico is very important to me," Trump said. "I know many Puerto Ricans and these are great people, and we have to help them." 

Rosello also said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has offered to send a National Guard unit to aid in security.

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