Note To Floridians: People Are Still Fighting Over Payouts From Storm Sandy

A note is being passed along to Floridians and Texans -- anyone affected by recent hurricanes -- by those STILL dealing with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. 

More than 1,000 families whose homes were swamped by Sandy are still fighting with the federal government over flood insurance payouts, nearly five years after the storm struck the East Coast.

The FEMA-run National Flood Insurance Program paid out billions of dollars to policyholders in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere following the 2012 storm. But the disaster also gave rise to complaints from people who said they were shortchanged by insurance adjusters.

Under pressure from Congress, FEMA reopened the Sandy claims process and has paid out an additional $227 million since 2015, but some property owners continue to fight for more.

Lawyers involved in those battles say many victims of this year's storms in Texas, Florida and elsewhere should brace themselves for a similar fight.

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