Newly Formed State Committee Will Study Irma Response and Preparedness

The State Legislature is taking a look at Hurricane Irma with a new committee aimed at getting ready for future storms... and their aftermath.

The new panel, dubbed the Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness, consists of 21 members of the State House, appointed by House Speaker Richard Corcoran.

SCHRP will focus on infrastructure issues related to natural disasters and disaster response, including nursing home preparation.  

They will also meet to talk about electric grids, shelters, curfews, evacuation zones, and last but not least, money -- where to get it and how to spend it.

The committee is expected to start meeting in October and aims to have ideas ready for the next legislative session.

A catastrophe fund was created after Hurricane Andrew in 1993. Much like Andrew, Hurricane Irma will likely spark new legislation... a process that is already underway with the formation of the new committee.

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