WATCH: (OMG!) Sinkhole Partially Swallows Orange County Home

An Orange County family whose house survived Hurricane Irma is wondering what they'll do now that it's being swallowed by a sinkhole. 

Garry and Ellen Miller have lived in the home on West Kelly Park Road in Apopka since 1969. But beginning on Monday night, the ground opened up underneath it started to swallow it.

On Tuesday, the sinkhole grew to 20-feet by 20-feet -- consuming walls, windows and an entire bathroom. Orange County Fire Rescue said there were no injuries.

Local news outlets report that the hole started with a small crack in the home’s back well Monday night. The Millers monitored it overnight and saw a depression form in the ground near the crack by Tuesday morning. 

That depression continued caving until part of the home collapsed.

No one was injured.

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