Twitter: The Newest Tool For Fighting Terrorism?

It seems that Twitter is doing a better job of rooting out and closing down terrorist-related accounts. That is according to its latest Transparency report

The social media platform says it has shut down nearly a million accounts related to terrorists over the past two years. 

In just the first six months of this year, it suspended 300,000 accounts that were promoting terrorism and says that the total number of pro-terrorism accounts has shrunk by a fifth. 

It also reports that 95 per cent of account suspensions pertaining to the promotion of terrorism resulted from use of its in-house tech tools, up from 74 per cent on the prior report period — with government requests accounting for less than one per cent of pro-terror account suspensions.

“Our anti-spam tools are getting faster, more efficient, and smarter in how we take down accounts that violate our T.O.S.” a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch

 Those takedowns, in addition to other new tools to combat online harassment, have helped to create a somewhat better user experience.

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