Teacher Returns After Irma To Find Books Stolen From Classroom Shelter

After returning to work following Hurricane Irma, a Florida teacher found an empty bookshelf in her classroom.  

The classroom had served as a shelter for Hurricane Irma evacuees.

Martha Hereford-Cothron said her heart sank when she saw 80 books and a few board games were gone from her classroom at Highland Middle School in Dunedin. Some books were signed by her favorite authors.

She teaches sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders who test in the lower 25 percent of the school's readers and says it's enough of a challenge to get them interested in books.

She tried to spin the theft in a positive way to students. And she had a message to the book thief... 

"I hope they're reading them," she said, or passing them along to someone who will.

Dunedin is near Tampa on Florida's Gulf Coast.

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