Homeless Florida Pups Find New Home In Delaware Post-Irma

Homeless dogs from our storm-battered state of Florida are now resting comfortably a bit farther north. 

A total of 18 dogs were airlifted Monday to a Delaware location already housing more than 100 dogs -- in order to make room for pets separated from their families during Hurricane Irma.

Linda Torelli with the Brandywine Valley Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says many of the animals that were flown to Delaware were already in shelters before the storm. 

She says moving those dogs to other locations gives pets (with homes) that were rescued during the hurricane more time to be reunited with their families. 

The dogs are from Florida counties where rescued animals during and after Hurricane Irma have exceeded the capacity at local shelters.

The dogs will be medically assessed and made available for adoption at the Brandywine SPCA.

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