Are YOU Living The Dream? Here's What Americans Think...

Are YOU living the dream?

Stop and consider it for a moment. 

Really consider it. 

Got your answer? Good. 

If you were inclined to say yes, that you are living the dream... well... that's a great thing. 

It's also rare. 

Source: Hearth Insights

The question itself is highly subjective, but historically, the results have pointed in a similar direction (despite attempts by to assert that Millennials are creatures from a different planet who really don't want to own a home, have a family or drive a car). 

Intelligent subsequent research showed that they absolutely DO wanted those things - they just had a problem affording them. 

When it comes to living the dream, the 2017 Hearth Insights study claims there are three factors that help us determine what 'the dream'consists of. Those three include: 

  1. Home ownership
  2. Having a family
  3. Desired Career 

In terms of the study of 2,000 Americans...

  • 37 percent more people identified “owning a home I love” as more important than “starting a family” as part of the dream

  • 41 percent more people selected “owning a home I love” than “finding a fulfilling career”

  • Baby Boomers are 16 percent more likely than millennials to think they’re living some of the dream

  • Among the respondents who don’t think they’re achieving any of the dream, millennials are 49 percent more likely than Baby Boomers to think the dream is within reach

Source: Hearth Insights

The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? As simple as those three sound, it's fairly understandable why only about a fifth of us feel as though we're living the dream. 

How many people really do own their home, have a happy marriage AND are in their preferred career field? 

For those of us who are, we're more blessed than we realize in the day-to-day. 

For those who aren't, the career seems to be the hardest part. Especially for Millennials who are the least happy with their current career status. 

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