Post-Irma Debris Removal Could Take Months To Clean Up

South Florida residents had better get used to the sight of piles of dead trees. 

The city of Miami is estimating that it has 1 million cubic yards of debris left behind by Hurricane Irma -- AND that it will take four to six months to clean up. 

“The City [of Miami] is committed to expediting the process of returning our public streets to normal use by working with our contractors to increase their resources," said Nzeribe Ihekwaba, Assistant City Manager. "We recognize the challenges and ask our residents to be patient as we work through this difficult period.”

Miami-Dade County is expecting to pick up triple that much: 3 million cubic yards of debris. 

Governor Rick Scott directed every county impacted by Irma to submit a detailed hurricane clean-up plan to the state Division of Emergency Management by noon Tuesday.

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