Dolphins Rank Twelfth Most Valuable NFL Teams

According to Forbes, the Miami Dolphins are the 12th most valuable (monetary-wise) National Football League team of 2017.

The business magazine lists the Miami Dolphins as being worth $2.575 billion, with $376 million in revenues and $65 million in operating income. 

The Dallas Cowboys take the lead in Forbes' rankings, with a value of $4.8 billion, followed by the New England Patriots, at $3.7 billion. 

The top 12 are as follows: 

Source: Forbes

The Buffalo Bills bring up the rear of the NFL valuations with $1.6 billion.

Five years ago, the Dallas Cowboys were the only NFL team worth $2 billion. Now, all but five of the NFL’s 32 teams are worth at least $2 billion.

As a whole, the average NFL franchise is worth $2.5 billion, up 8 percent by last year's count. 

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