Dog Missing From West Palm Beach In 2016 Found In New York

A pup who disappeared from West Palm Beach in February of 2016 has been found some 1,200 miles away in New York. 

Relay, a German shepherd-Jack Russell terrier mix, was adopted by 18-year-old Rick Moneck and his family in 2014, according to Newsday. Relay was equipped with a microchip tracking device before adoption. 

Source: Newsday, via AP

The dog wandered out on her own last year, and the Moneck family flyered the neighborhood with no success.

The only trace of Relay was blurry surveillance video from a local gas station, which appeared to show a man picking up the and putting her in his car.

On Tuesday, however, a woman brought a stray dog she had found to Bobbi and the Strays, an animal rescue shelter based in the New York City / Long Island area, hoping to find a home for it.

Volunteers scanned the dog’s microchip and were surprised to discover the dog was registered to a family in South Florida. 

“I had said many times, ‘They’re going to find that dog. They may not find that dog alive, but somehow, some way, they’re going to find the chip on that dog and they’re going to be calling us,’” Moneck told The Associated Press. 

Nonetheless, the news came as quite the shock.

Bobbi and the Strays is now trying to find a volunteer to drive Relay down to Florida. They’re asking anyone who can help to call the shelter at 516-378-4340.

Moneck told Newsday it’s “unbelievable” that his family will be reunited with the “dog that [they] loved so much.”

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