This Post-Irma Milk Madness Is "UDDERLY" Ridiculous!

If your grocery store is out of milk, this might have something to do with it. 

State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says Florida farmers have had to dump tons of milk because many of the plants that would usually process it have now shifted their focus on bottling water for victims of Hurricane Irma that are in need.

Putnam says a number of those plants have completely shut down their milk lines and converted entirely to water.  

As a result, a minimum of 40 truckloads of milk have been dumped, just because there wasn't any place to take it.

Putnam also noted that the storm hammered citrus, vegetable and sugarcane crops throughout the state. 

And as many farmers and residents of Florida's rural counties wait for power to be restored, they will be inundated with mosquitoes because of water left behind by Irma, Putnam said.

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