This Car Dealer Could Face Jail For Clogging A Parking Garage During Irma

The owner of a local car dealer could now be facing possible jail time, after he clogged up a public parking lot intended to help Hollywood residents protect their cars from Hurricane Irma. 

The city says Keijo Killo of Miami, who owns and operates Autoline LLC car sales in Broward County, is responsible. 

Prior to Hurricane Irma hitting South Florida, the city of Hollywood opened up a local garage in an effort to help residents protect their vehicles, but found several spots taken by a car dealership instead.

Officials say that they counted 47 unmarked vehicles from the dealership filling up the parking spots just before Irma approached.

Each of those vehicles were cited for not having a current tag, a $30 fine. Seven of them bore an orange boot on rear tires, briefly making them immobile.

On Monday, Kiilo arrived at the Van Buren garage along Van Buren Street and South 20th Avenue to retrieve vehicles. 

The Sun Sentinel reported that Kiilo received multiple notices to appear in court — one for each vehicle he stored in the garage, according to a report by WSVN News.

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