More Assisted Living Facilities Evacuated Following Irma Power Issues

Fire rescue teams have evacuated 122 people from two assisted living facilities near Orlando after the Orange County fire chief order firefighters to assess conditions of all elderly communities in the area.

The assessment followed the deaths of eight at another nursing home Wednesday. 

Eighty-two people were evacuated from the Brookdale Wekiwa Springs assisted living facility near Apopka. Forty more were evacuated from Green Tree Assisted Living in Orlando shortly after that.

Both locations had been without power since Hurricane Irma crossed earlier this week.

Officials say Orange County Fire Rescue received three 911 calls from Brookdale Wekiwa Springs before asking everyone to leave. 

Sixty-six patients were transported by bus, and the other 16 were picked up by family members or transported themselves.

Three 911 calls also were reported from Green Tree, but authorities said the living community was the first one fire rescuers were visiting as part of the canvassing effort.

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