WATCH: SFWMD Begins Hurricane Recovery Effort Throughout SoFlo

As  winds from Hurricane Irma died down Monday, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) began assessing damage to water control structures and looking for any debris in canals that could slow water flow. 

SFWMD sent up three reconnaissance flights to assess South Florida's flood control system. 

The footage below shows a flight that originated in West Palm Beach, flew down the coast to Miami, west to the Everglades and back to West Palm Beach. 

SFWMD meteorologists reported a district-wide average of 7 inches of rain Saturday and Sunday combined. Local rainfall was as high as 19 inches in some locations. 

Following Irma, District-wide rainfall for South Florida since the beginning of the wet season is now 40.7 inches. Average rainfall for the wet season, which generally lasts through October, is 35-36 inches.

To move stormwater runoff as quickly and safely as possible, water managers are releasing stormwater runoff to the tide through coastal outlet structures, and pump stations are being staffed and operating around the clock.

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