Uber Resumes Rides, Donates To South Florida Hurricane Relief Efforts

Uber resumed operations in Miami-Dade Tuesday morning. The ride-sharing company's services were resumed in Broward County Monday night.

And while residents are busy scheduling and taking rides to their post-Irma neighborhoods, Uber is also planning hurricane relief efforts. 

Uber is currently working with state and local leaders in hurricane-affected cities to determine where its services can be put to use  during Irma recovery, according to a news release by the ride-sharing company. 

To support families, communities, first responders and Uber driver-partners in the aftermath of the storm, Uber says it is donating $400,000 of rides, food, and relief.

"We are working directly with government officials across Florida and the Southeast to make sure these resources are deployed where they are most needed," the news release said. 

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