WATCH: Broward County Post Hurricane Irma: Where We're At Now

City officials, authorities, and clean up crews are out and about around South Florida, assessing damages from the storm and deeming next steps for community-wide safety. 

Curfews across the region remained in effect while others were lifting Monday morning, and most schools remained closed. Here's what you need to know: 

Broward County

Broward County remained under a curfew until 10 a.m. Monday. 

The county suffered significant impacts, including street flooding, downed trees, power lines and debris in the streets, and infrastructure damage to public and private property.

Officials said downed trees appeared to be the worst issue, with traffic lights not working at most intersections.

Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief urged residents to stay off roads even after the curfew was lifted.

Evacuation shelters throughout Broward will be closed as quickly as possible so that the schools can return to normal schedules. 

Sharief said there will be designated shelters that will remain open for residents who can't return home due to damage. Those designated, transitional shelters are currently being decided on and evaluated.

Some current highlights, by town: 

Coconut Creek

  • Water use limitations in effect
  • No regular garbage or recycling pick up Monday
  • Many downed power lines, please remain off the roads

Coral Springs

Dania Beach

  • City Hall will open Tuesday, 9/12 


  • Governmental offices will remain closed Sept. 11, and until further notice
  • Utilities is running low on water and asks residents to conserve water
  • Precautionary boil water notice in effect

Deerfield Beach:

  • Under curfew until further notice

Fort Lauderdale: 

  • Crews began assessing damages as of 6 a.m. Monday
  • Barrier Island/Fort Lauderdale Beach closed until further notice
  • City of Fort Lauderdale asking everyone to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary


  • Mandatory boil water alert in effect for all properties until further notice
  • Access to barrier island currently restricted


  • Staff clearing roads for emergency vehicles and area cleanup


  • Most traffic lights are not functioning. Stay off road if and when possible
  • Police and authorities are out and about, assessing damages

Pembroke Pines:

  • Utilities Department is beginning the lengthy process of clearing our roadways of major debris
  • Residents are asked to remain off roadways, if possible, for the majority of Monday


  • Damage assessment underway
  • Flooding and downed trees
  • Residents are being advised to avoid any standing water


  • Please stay inside and off the roads
  • Keep all waste streams separate from each other because they must be collected separately


  • Trees blocking roadways
    • Do NOT call Fire Stations or Police Department. Call City Hall at 954-385-2000
  • The City is doing a complete Rapid Impact Assessment of all roadways and will begin removal of trees blocking roadways as of 8 a.m. Monday

**Note: Not all towns/neighborhoods and/or town-specific updates are included above. Information has been posted based on readily available information at the time of posting. 

Residents of each town and neighborhood are encouraged to follow up with their specific city's social media postings and town emergency contacts for more information

"As residents, you did your job in preparing and protecting your family. Now, I urge you to let your County's emergency recovery team do its job, to ensure our community is safe before you resume your normal activities," said Mayor Sharief.

Residents throughout Broward County are asked to report flooded streets, blocked streets and construction debris damage to 311.

Businesses are asked to please give employees the time they need to recover from this disruptive event and repair and restore their homes.

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