Report: It May Be Days Until Residents Can Return To Florida Keys

Any residents hoping to head back into the Florida Keys Monday morning was in for a rude awakening. Monroe County, more or less, is closed to the public. 

U.S.1 into the Keys was completely shut down and Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies and Florida Highway Patrol troopers were redirecting motorists attempting to enter to the Homestead Speedway where they were to wait until the entrances opened up. 

The roadway was closed due to severe flooding in the area. 

Officials are also still assessing the total amount of damage, and the Department of Transportation also has to check every bridge connecting the Keys to ensure they are safe.

Little information is currently being given as deputies are not even sure of the situation in the Keys themselves. 

Some deputies don’t know about the conditions of their homes and have not spoken to their neighbors.

As of Monday morning, all three power companies in the Keys report total power outages for their 34,321 customers.

Some estimate it may be days until residents are able to return to Monroe.

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