Floridians Continue To Funnel Out Of State > Into Atlanta In Evacuation

Floridians fleeing Hurricane Irma have turned Atlanta's freeways into a ribbon of red neon brake lights, with traffic in some spots barely moving.

Thousands of the evacuees have been funneled to the city, since so many them are heading north on Interstate 75 straight to Atlanta.

Some ended up at Atlanta Motor Speedway, which opened its vast camp grounds to anyone trying to escape Irma.

However, Gov. Scott announced Thursday that residents do not have to necessarily evacuate the state to stay safe. Scott urged many to divert to local shelters, which have been deemed safe and secure. 

According to a report by the Associated Press, it took 21 hours for Miami resident Suzanne Pallot to reach Atlanta Thursday, in an SUV packed with four other people, their luggage and two cats.

After a night at a relative's house, Pallot heard weather forecasts predicting tropical storm force winds for Atlanta on Monday. 

That's when the group decided Friday to keep moving, this time to Memphis, Tennessee.

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