Florida Theme Parks To Stay Open Until The Very End

Orlando's marjor theme parks have made some decisions, and seem to  staying open until what seems to be the last moment before Hurricane Irma carves up the peninsula.

Universal Orlando has announced it is closing its parks completely Sunday, just ahead of when damaging winds should reach central Florida.

Universal Orlando says it's closing all three of its parks at 7 p.m. on Saturday and will remain closed through Monday.

Earlier Friday, SeaWorld said it will be closing its park at 5 p.m. Saturday. It will remain closed on Sunday and Monday, as well. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will follow in the same suit as SeaWorld Orlando. 

"We have comprehensive weather preparedness plans, and security and zoological staff will remain on property in secure locations as we monitor the storm," said SeaWorld in a news release. "We’re also providing support and temporary housing for animals from other zoological facilities in coastal areas expected to have greater impact."

Disney World still has not confirmed its plans.

At this point, all of these parks anticipate re-opening on Tuesday.

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