Watch: Miami Beach Mayor Levine: "Irma Is A Nuclear Hurricane"

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is warning residents not to be lulled into a false sense of security by Thursday's mostly clear skies as Hurricane Irma approaches.

Levine is calling the Category 5 hurricane a nuclear storm. He said people need to evacuate the barrier island now, especially because of concerns about storm surge.  

Buses and trolleys will assist taking residents to any of the several shelters being opened in Miami-Dade County.  Those deciding not to leave the area will have to seek shelter, and Levine said many hardened hurricane-proof shelters are available.  

Shelters are being established for people with special needs, the elderly and even special shelters for people who want to bring their pets.  

He said Miami Beach doesn't want heroes, he wants them to save their lives.

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